By joining NIPSA, you and your school:

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• Are recognized as being associated with NIPSA, an organization that is accredited by the National Council for Private Schools Accreditation (NCPSA).

• Become part of a dynamic national organization representing only proprietary schools and their interests.

• Become associated with schools that value professionalism and subscribe to high standards of operation, including the NIPSA Code of Ethics governing proprietary school management.

• Gain a voice in national councils where educational policy is formed.

• Are kept abreast of the latest developments that affect proprietary schools: pending legislation, laws and procedures affecting accounting, taxes, insurance, personnel practices, and other areas of operation. NIPSA keeps you up-to-date via newsletters, educational conferences, and regional meetings.

• Have opportunities to talk with other proprietors face to face and share challenges and successful ideas. Attending our annual conferences and regional meetings not only gives you fresh perspective, but also fresh enthusiasm.

• Participate in NIPSA’s professional development programs on curriculum, educational materials, finance, public relations, student recruitment, personnel management, and other topics – and you help set the agenda. NIPSA also engages professionals of national caliber to share their expertise with you.

• Have input into shaping NIPSA programs, services, and policies, for we not only value your participation, but your counsel as well.


Benefits of accreditation to your school are:

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• Involvement in a national organization assisting owner operated schools and establishing standards of credibility and performance.

• Mentoring in the self-study and evaluation process by fellow professionals and representatives from peer schools, helping to better your school.

• An outside team of evaluators that attest to your students’ parents and the community as a whole, the quality and professionalism of your school.

• Ability to issue I-20 Student Visas without a full review of the entire curriculum due to NIPSA’s recognition by the United States Departments of Education and Homeland Security.

• An indication to other schools, colleges and education interest groups of your commitment to standards.

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