Proof That What We Do is Right!

Here ’s a wonderful letter from a parent at Fort Lauderdale Prep School
that proves that what we believe in is paying dividends in student success!

Dear Nipsa,
I’m writing to thank you for providing a quality education for my children. I was beginning to think there was no place for my boys who were spirited, but by no means exceptional. The agenda-driven public schools with their crowded classrooms had little patience for individual differences. Teaching the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic took a back seat to social experimentation and the latest educational fads. At this point, learning cursive handwriting is now no longer required at my child’s public school, correction of spelling errors is thought to harm creativity so many never master it, and moral relativism is the order of the day. A friend recommended FLPS after her son who’d been foundering in a public school came here. He received remediation targeted toward his weaknesses and turned it all around. I enrolled my sons seeking no more than a decent education which was a given when we were growing up. I was pleased with the quality and caring approach.

From day one, it was clear how reasonable those in charge were. I could discuss any concerns I had, confident that a living, breathing, committed professional was truly listening rather than my words falling on deaf ears. I was used to bureaucratic types irritated I was taking up their time. Instead, here we had a partner in finding solutions for success. This flexibility in dealing with us and the respect we were shown put us at ease lending an old-fashioned security, but this is not some little ol’ schoolhouse. While appreciation of the classics is preserved, there’s an eye toward the increasingly technological nature of our society and preparing children for it. My husband says our son became a computer whiz during his years here and now asks him for help with tricky downloads. In addition, students are instilled with a social conscience which is essential in an ever more complex world. I can finally relax knowing my children are in a safe educational environment. The teachers are welcoming, but firm in their commitment to high standards. Decorum is maintained aided by a dress code and these educators do not shrink from discipline. With smaller class size and a multilevel approach, students are nurtured and geared for success.

The need for a school like this has never been greater. It is an oasis in a modern no-man’s-land of disintegrating values, powerful peer pressure and a barrage of mixed and often harmful messages to those most vulnerable by influential media. In fact, my middle school age daughter will be attending this year as well. I could have saved money leaving her in the public school system, but she is extremely naive and you can’t put a price on peace of mind. All of our children are at risk so I want to thank you once again for providing a life raft for concerned parents like us. We feel fortunate to have FLPS in our area. Never go away!

Sincerely, A satisfied parent.

Keep up the good work!

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