A word from our president …


I have the honor of assuming the Presidency of the National Independent Private Schools Association. Over the past 34 years NIPSA has continued the mission of representing the interests and goals of proprietary, tax paying schools. We recently have added therapeutic and emotional growth certifications for profit and non-profit organizations, helping us develop proactively within our industry.

NIPSA is accredited by the Nation Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) and is recognized by the United States Department of Education as well as Homeland Security. As such, our accreditation process serves an increasingly important role to our member schools, prospective schools and partners alike. For more information and an up to date listing of NIPSA’s affiliations, please visit our website found below.

As members of a non-profit board, we conduct on-site reviews of PreK-12 schools and programs in order to ensure excellence and accountability in our industry, as well as the sharing of ideas and successes. Our hope is to encourage schools and programs to actively participate in the process of continual improvement. Through the comprehensive self-study we are able to look at not only student improvement, but their safety and social/emotional health. We are also able to review the financial and environmental condition of schools and programs, providing assistance and direction through recommendation and shared experience. As President of the Board, I am committed to strengthening our member schools, our organization and our partnerships with co-accrediting agencies.

Each NIPSA member offers a unique history, philosophy, program and physical setting that makes our schools thriving institutions in a highly competitive market. Our entrepreneurs provide us direction and inspiration along with a leading edge, directly contributing to the well-being of our students and families. Through strength in community NIPSA allows all of our devotion to further enhance our already excellent standards and provides the foundation for the continuation of being the best option for many schools.

Since joining the NIPSA community, my own schools have become Nationally Accredited as well as I have received the benefit of meeting other exciting educational entrepreneurs from around the country and the world. Our school has been able to improve and grow through the rigorous and rewarding self-review process, as well as the connections and ideas that follow being a part of the outstanding organization NIPSA. Choosing to become a member of NIPSA has been profoundly rewarding for my own schools, and it is certainly a decision worth reviewing for your own.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have any questions concerning NIPSA and the quality services we provide to our member schools. Once a part of our organization, we welcome you to join us in the process of reviewing schools and programs in the continual pursuit of excellence.

Karyn E. Murray,


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