• Improving EDUCATION

    National Independent Private Schools Association
    Recognizing, encouraging and improving the quality
    of private school education.

  • Providing SOLUTIONS

    The National Independent Private Schools Association is your one-stop source for consulting services, conferences, workshops and news of mutual interest. We provide structure for the improvement of educational programs through the design of educational material that all can emulate.

  • Enhancing GOALS

    Establishing an educational program to present our views and beliefs to the general public and the educational establishment by engaging freely in all lawful activities and efforts that may advance or enhance its goals.

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  • Encouraging ACCREDITATION

    The mission of the NIPSA is to advocate for the interests of proprietary academic schools, and the students and communities they serve.

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Making a difference in Education…

There are many associations for educators, but only one for educators who are also entrepreneurs: NIPSA, the National Independent Private Schools Association.
Founded in 1983 by a group of California school owners, NIPSA addresses the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in proprietary school operation.

First, let it be said that NIPSA schools share much of the same educational agenda as you would in any school, private or public. Most important, we also share a similar motivation: to provide children with the best education possible.

We are professional educators first and foremost. Many of us are former public school superintendents, principals, and teachers. Others come from university faculties or from families who have been involved in school operation for generations.

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NIPSA is an accrediting association and does not hold/keep any school or student records.

Proven Success

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  • Encouraging Accreditation
  • Enhancing Goals
  • Providing Solutions
  • Establishing Programs
  • Improving Education
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